How to charge your creativity levels

Every person is expected to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things at work. Especially for people handling marketing, communication and creatives, finding innovative ways of getting a message across is your topmost priority. But what do you do when your mind has gone stale and unable to ooze with fresh ideas, what do you do?

Here are a few tips to help heat your creative juices and stay imaginative on the brink of difficulties:

Reduce distractions

Focus is very essential to staying creative. Clear up your mind, desk or room to minimize the effect of getting distracted. Unplug the gadgets or switch off the cellular data connection of your phone or gadget if it is distractive. Managing distractions helps to increase productivity and expedite your efforts to achieve that goal.

Keep a journal all the time

How many times have we not gotten great ideas randomly? It’s more painful if you forget the idea because you did not document it. Keeping a journal or note book always can help reduce this problem. Jot down all the ideas you get on your way to work or home and it may lead to a mega idea when you connect them.

5d11278f42eabf554414d3304ff7fa44 Scan through creative magazines for ideas

Magazines and brochures may have some incredible creatives that may inspire or lead you to think about something new. Subscribe or buy creative magazines regularly to improve your creative horizon and learn new things from other creative people from around the world.

Have a deadline

Setting deadlines have its own pros and cons. It can give positive or negative pressure but as a creative person, try to see the silver lining in every situation. Without deadline, it is likely to feel relaxed and not go all out to come up with the idea that will propel that project or material to success.

Talk to another creative colleague

You may have other creative friends at work or in the city who may be of help. Tell them about what you want to create and get their input. You never know which word will lead to that eureka moment you are waiting for. Brainstorming with a creative colleague will bring perspectives that may be helpful to your project.

Take a break

Get away from the computer and take a walk. Go somewhere new and refreshing that will get you to see things differently. It could be a new eatery, park, mall or monument that will give you a unique perspective on that issue.


Having a creative quiet time to think deep about the ideas you have can be helpful. Meditation is a form of mental exercise. Our mind is one of the strongest assets we have and maintaining a clear mind to focus on what you are working on in the mind can be very helpful and refreshing.

Don’t try to be perfect

Cut yourself some slack. No one is a paragon. Great creatives come from making mistakes, refining, reworking and editing the idea. Churning out a creative piece can be daunting but don’t lose hope at all, it gets better if you continue improving on what you have each time.

With these hints, you are sure to build your creativity level and to generate incredible solutions.

By Henry Derben

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How to charge your creativity levels

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